Monday, February 14, 2011

Kool-Aid Moments

Note: the originals were all rendered in unsweetened Kool-aid powder sprinkled on soaked, or on damp, paper towels (or in one instance, on waxed paper). However, some of the images have been color-enhanced or re-combined digitally.

This post is also in honor of L. L. Barkat's "On, In, and Around Mondays"

and Laura Boggess' "Playdates with God"


  1. You are awesome! This is more than flying, this is soaring! How imaginative, and what fun to try so many different pieces. I love this, Kingfisher! Just gorgeous :).

  2. This is too fun. (Maybe you should bring some of that KoolAid to Laura, for her trampoline workout :)

  3. Very cool. Thanks for stopping by my place with your kind words. Blessings.


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