Sunday, December 4, 2011

What the Wind Brought----

What the Wind Brought—

I have no trees in my front yard –
But I had bright autumn leaves
All shining in the ragged grass.
A galloping winter storm
Blew them far across the street.
The rains came down for days,
And kept those jewels new/fresh.
When those liquid drops stopped,
I ran out to see what the wind brought---

Orange and red and rusty-fall;
Yes, even some still tinted green.
I gathered fistfuls, gleefully,
Bringing them in the house with me,
Arranging them “just so”, to see---

The leaves in the neighbor’s drive
Turned brown-squishy from driving cars.
The leaves I’d salvaged, I pressed to dry;
They’ve lost their shine; colors will fade someday.
But the ones captured with camera eye
Will ever stay bright autumn colors,
And every time I look at pics
I’ll have delightful memories
Of the God-breathed mood that came over me
After gathering in what the wind brought----

copyright 2011 by Marilee Miller
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  1. I carried my camera when I went walking in a park - and took a picture of a cluster of leaves on the ground - I think I could paint my house all those colors! I love the sound, the smell, the color of autumn leaves, too:)

  2. I was in London last week and saw those fall leaves stuck to pavement like paint. It was an amazing sight. Took photos and posted them in my story called Leaving an Imprint if you want to see them. Blessings!

  3. Oh, my! You had some beauty delivered right to your door! And you know how I love your poetry :).

  4. Love that phrase: "Galloping winter storm" and how you took that beauty in and reveled in wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. i do *so* love the color of leaves in the snow... :)

  6. What contrasts we have in life. The color against the white


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