Sunday, November 11, 2012

Softly, As I Play

Softly, As I  Play

Suggestions of hills and sky,
On-screen they flow and fly,
Softly watercolorish –
Yet not made with brush,
But with graphics’ program ply.

Someone wondered, on a blog nearby,
Whether it was right to seek quiet by
“Doing nothing”; not being in a rush.
Could that open doors to the sweet touch
Of God being made nigh?

So here is my “doing nothing” try:
A restful answering to artist’s heart’s cry.
Lord, my dearest wish
Shall emerge with your quiet hush,
Softly, as I play with digital hills and sky.

Digital art derived from a blurred photo

Images and text (c) 2012 by Marilee Miller

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  1. These words and images make me smile. I like this attempt to "do nothing". Though this looks like quite "something" to me :). And, yes...Softly, as I play. He does.

  2. Lovely. What a peaceful, soulful whisper, full of beauty.


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