Sunday, February 3, 2013

Broken, Shines!


Broken, Shines!

Glass from a broken bottle, still shines.  Light glints off its surfaces.  Unique shadows form as a result of the lighting source.  Beauty!  

The pieces can be arranged in artistic designs.  Or an artisan might use some bonding material – clay, silicone, solder -- to join a number of odd shapes to become an intricate art piece.

The broken pieces of our lives still shine for Jesus.  His light glints off our surfaces, deepening our character and fashioning one-of-a-kind personalities for his glory.  What we perceive as shadows, are the result of his lighting us.  Beauty!

© 2013 by Marilee Miller

To read Tanya Marlow’s insightful and meaningful post on everyday brokenness, and the big and little sufferings which produce beauty in us, click here.  For Christ’s glory.

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  1. I love art that is made with broken bits of colored glass. I think it is the perfect illustration for how Christ does what you say, Marilee--makes beauty out of our brokenness. Now that is good news.


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