Monday, April 1, 2013



     The images below are half-tones, a type of printing used in newspapers and magazines.  To the eye, an area printed as a half-tone may appear to be covered solidly with ink.   But it's really made up of thousands of tiny dots and/or patterns.  When a half-tone image is magnified, the dots show up.  What appeared to be a single colored surface actually may contain a number of colors, and perhaps many sizes of dots.  A half-tone print saves money on ink because there are white spaces (unprinted areas) in between pattern elements.

     This particular image suffered water damage.  But in mysterious ways, the markings only added to the overall design.



     Life, too, has its dots and speckles.  It is full of hidden-in-plain-sight designs and colors.  God sees each place -- in fact, he made each place within us.  He is the one that binds all our parts together.  He made everything in creation for his good pleasure.

     The fellowship of many believers, sharing with one another, also adds to the incredible dots that our Creator oversees.  He sees us all, and "gifts" us all, and uses our bits and pieces -- if we will let him -- for his glory, to help bring about the goodness in his kingdom here on earth.

     Sometimes the world around us seems like a chaotic place of jumbles, tangles, and jangles.  Then our woes and problems seem strange and magnified.  But the Lord of All is still at work. He knows how to connect the dots.  My hope is that one day we will finally all become whole beings.  Then there will be no ultimate dissonance -- but only his intricate pattern of beautiful colors to make an inspiring overall design of patience and peace.

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  1. I love how God uses our bits and pieces. This is beautiful, my special friend!

  2. I'm grateful he uses my bits and pieces too. I love the water stains and what they add, you are right about that.

    We are resting this week, Marilee, after the surgery. Not much to report--he's still in pain but gets better each day. We go back to the surgeon on Monday. I'm hoping things look up before he starts back to school on Tuesday. Thank you so much for praying, my friend. You bless me.


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