Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Want to Know God


digital artwork and text (c) 2013 by Marilee Miller


I want to know God intimately.
I don’t want him to seem distant, far off –
I want his companionship, though
At times this seems an elusive quest.
I want to “feel” his unconditional love,
But my earthly life doesn’t reveal
A model for love that never gives up.
I want to “believe in” – not just state casually,
That Jesus Christ is brother, friend, Helper,
And close-occupier of my heart.
I, along with the whole church,
Am called The Bride of Jesus Christ:
Yet how can I, a finite little person,
Grasp Him being my Bridegroom,
My only Dearest Love?
I want to sense the Holy Spirit’s power
Moving with Shekinah glory in me.
However, I don’t really know how
To magnify, glorify him, or understand
Just how much he delights in me!
So, blessed Lord God, keep me infilled.
Flow your rivers of living water over me.
I want to know you, God; but only you
Are able to introduce the fullness
Of your infinite self to me!

“Even so, Lord Jesus, come.”

He is not elusive,
He is not exclusive,
He does not exclude me,
But holds out his hands
To include me.
His love is inclusive,
Generously-given, and free.

“Thanks be to God, for the unspeakable
gift of Christ Jesus…”

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  1. "He is not elusive. He is not exclusive."

  2. Dear Marilee,
    I love that God is not exclusive...praying you will sense His has been a journey for me to learn to experience His love, and even now, it is not always a felt thing, although at times it is..hugs to you


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