Saturday, March 27, 2010


I am "me." I have a design, a pattern, which was instilled in me by my Creator, God.
But the pattern goes askew sometimes. Or it isn't very "coherent". It could be said
to have lots of random "rings" (which may even be perceived as "holes" or lacks.)

The Bible tells me to put off the old man (my own ideas and the old self-directed ways)
and put on the new man (live with a Christly heart and mind.)

Actually, it's impossible for me to remake myself. I can only entrust my life to Him,
and admit that I am incapable of becoming what and who is best for me. I can ask
Him to do an "extreme makeover" in me. So I become less self-driven, and more

Hurray! God is still working in me. He never gives up on me (even when I think mine
may be a hopeless case)! He's creating lovely patterns and newness of life in me. (I've
given him permission to draw me closer to Himself. And he has taken me up on my
offer. Yes, even when I don't seem to see anything happening to "grow" my life and
make me more mature in Him.)

That change he's effecting in me, is called RENEWAL. Restoration. New Life.

I see myself as not having a very pretty design. I fail a lot. Cry a lot. Am disappointed
in myself, and sometimes, in all of life. Yet though I forget the fact, he has promised
that he won't see me warty, holy, full of random rings. He has promised to look at me
through the lens of Jesus Christ. So when he looks at me, and sees Christ, he can
pronounce me "clean" and "whole" and "entire". Oh, the relief!

He sees all the intricate, close up details that I might miss entirely. And lo!, I'm beautiful
in his sight. Paul writes, "Oh, wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me [from
ego, self-interest]? Thanks be to God for his unexpressible gift in Christ Jesus."

I'm renewed! I'm fresh! I'm putting on the new person, as I am heavily immersed
in the Spirit of Christ. A butterfly that can flit purposely through this life. I'm still
"me," he's still taken the basic patterns of my human design. But my great hope
is that (though I may not be able to see it happening), he is ever at work in me.
And he will continue to put Christ on/in me. RENEWAL. HOPE. HIS LOVE. REST!
His WAY. (blissful sigh of relief.)


  1. He's made us in His image, and we have inherent, intrinsic value -- eternal value -- because of that. Even with all of our failings and flaws. Good post.

  2. Beautiful, visual story to with your script.

    Thank you for taking the time to map this out for us to see and understand.

    What a wonderful way to meet you -- thank you for being apart of the Faith Barista Jam today.

    My favorite lines:

    "I can ask Him to do an "extreme makeover" in me. So I become less self-driven, and more

    Nice... !

  3. Isn't it a relief, a place of rest, to know that the Master can make something so beautiful out of our remnants if we offer ourselves into His most capable hands?! Thank you!

  4. So thankful that He is the one making things beautiful and they sure are beautiful!! Love the pictures :)

  5. Just wanted to pop in again & say Happy Easter!


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