Wednesday, March 17, 2010


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Laurel Hedge

Lovely laurel hedge-boughs scramble,
Waving, braving, out-thrust just across my street;
Lively greeny shiny leaves enthuse me.
Hedge sequesters pleasant yard,
Brackets a cozy house,
Overruns mossy sidewalk lane,
Fences off my neighbor ‘cross the street.

(The bottom half, neatly clipped to accommodate walkers on the sidewalk)

Lovely laurel bright-leaves ramble,
Engraving shady shadows just across my street;
Lively sprawl, a wall of leaves to bemuse me.
Veins etch-a-sketch the scene,
Arrest of my eyes, green bands;
Sharp clean hopeful stiffish leaves
Dispense serenity across my street.

Laurel growth is rank. Planted too near sidewalks or buildings, it encroaches, gets out of hand.
Has to be pruned back with discipline. But, only old laurel, uncut for a number of years, will bloom!

(The top half, verdant and rampant, offering a woodsy effect)

Lovely laurel hedge-wands with no brambles,
Radiating glade-y crowns of bloom, across my street;
Lively white corollas seem to choose me!
Hedge a’blossom froths and spills;
Beauty wreath ‘round a picket fence
Overturns my heart as fronting yard
Dances with God-breath -- across my street.

(Prayer to the God who uses beauty to draw us to Himself in work and worship, play and prayer.)
Lovely God, you draw my spirit to amble,
Craving More of You. Please cross my inner street!
Lively Creator, your beauty suffuses me.
Enhance Your Spirit’s cris-cross of my inner street.

(c) 2010 by Marilee Miller

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  1. lovely laurel... I named my second daughter after it... lovely.

  2. The flowers are so pretty, and we think of the plant as so much big green!

  3. The laurel hedging plant is so widely used in the UK that it is often referred to as the English Laurel in other countries. The dense growth of the laurel effectively blocks out light, giving you privacy all year round, iot also has heavy leaves and because of this it reduces the wind speed.


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