Monday, July 12, 2010


A Delightful Little Surprise

My cat loves to lounge all sprawled out on a small table near my large front window. But when she's not using it, I sometimes set small objects on this table and take close-up photos. The natural lighting is so great in this spot! Sometimes, a picture will also capture a pair of white, furry feet or a curious pink nose with lovely white whiskers, as she appears suddenly to
investigate what I'm doing, using her table!

The other morning, after such happened, the cat lolled about nearby for a while, then, becoming disinterested, jumped down and begged to go outside. After I let her out, I found she'd left me the most delightful little surprise.

There on the empty part of the table lay a small ring of white hair. Hardly bigger than a dime. I had combed her that morning; there may have been some loosened strands of fur. But I don't know how she managed to lick it off in the shape of a ring, substantial enough for me to pick up, but light and airy as a dream.

How lovely when we find little surprises to give us a smile, an uplift of spirits. And say, I just "happened" already to have my camera set up for close-ups.

How lovely God is, to send us little surprises to delight us. He can use the curiosity of "what will show up" in a photo. Or give a cat a small present for me to find. Or bless me by the light streaming through my window. Or whisper contentment----

Thank you, Lord, that you have so many ways of touching our hearts. Even by things or ways or people or thoughts which seem rather insignificant. May I look, always, for your hand at work in everything. I don't want to take for granted coincidences or random delights -- but to choose to see in every single thing, God-incidences.

Then even if my body sags or my mind feels weak-hearted, deep down in my spirit may the Holy Spirit touch me with himself: substantial enough to pick up and hold on to, but light and airy as a dream!


  1. LOOOOVE the kitty paws!! That is so cute!

    Your blog looks lovely too! I'm going to check it out some more. :o)

    God bless!

  2. God does surprise us. But the problem is that we are so jaded that we don't look for or expect any kind of surprise from God.

    I think it would be better to start every day with that wide-eyed wonder. "Whatcha got for me today God?"


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