Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Place in my Heart for Prayer

from my heart to yours: a prayer

I believe with all my heart that God loves you dearly.
He watches over you tenderly.
He says that he'll never leave nor forsake you,
never take away his comfort from you.
He'll never let go of your hand!
He'll equip you to take your stand
And walk with you hand in hand
Until you've reached safely
His blessed Promised Land.
Isn't that a great promise for you?
Oh God, hear the cry of my friends' hearts. Send your presence in such a strong way that they may feel you with them, in their hearts. Show them your great mercy. You, Jesus Christ, are "The Way, The Truth, and The Light." You are LIFE.
Thank you for never letting go of my friends who call on your name. Protect their spirits, heal the broken hearts, comfort their minds and keep them clear of confusion. Send them your own dear self, you as Jesus and Messiah, to be their deliverer.
I speak a word of hope into each life today. I speak words of renewal and restoration. l ask you to revive godly relationships and mend family ties. Pour out on these, my friends, your inner peace. And clear a way before them that cuts through the darkness of this troubled world. Thank you, Lord, for being the true healer and guide.
In Jesus Christ the Savior's Wonderful Name, Amen.

(c) 2011 by Marilee Miller

This post is shared with L. L. Barkat's "Seedlings in Stone",
On, In and Around Mondays

and Laura Boggess' "The Wellspring,"
Playdates with God


  1. Yay! Yes, the second one worked. Do you know what you did different? Just make sure not to paste over that existing "http" and you should be fine. But, no worries! I can always fix it for you if need be.


    I love this prayer! It illustrates your photo so well. I think of the intertwining threads of yarn as the way our lives intersect--how we lift up our friends and carry them in prayer. And there is also something so paternal about the promise in the yarn, don't you think? The promise to clothe, to cover, for warmth, and protection.

    I need to read more by Marilee Miller, I think. Thank you so for sharing this Playdate!

  2. Thank you for your prayer. :)

  3. Praying threads. That's what this feels like. And they bind up our cares.

  4. Stopping in to wish you a blessed Easter, sweet friend! Keep sharing beauty--it sure does bless.

  5. Inner peace, renewal and restoration--beautiful words to bless our day.

    Thank you, Marilee.



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