Monday, April 25, 2011

Worth More Than Five Cents


Junk -- gleaned from a rummage sale, 5 cents apiece. (The styrofoam snowball and fabric swatches counted as a set, for 5 cents.)

But oh, what beauty
and scratch-the-itch desire for creativity!
Worth? Immeasurable,
Highly treasurable!
What may happen to these parts?
Ah, re-purposed arts!

Garlands of cats to be seen,
Are leftovers from Halloween;
But black cats endear other seasons as well.
Or I could re-cut them into (what?) else?
Or glue on shiny
Colored thingies –
Off to a good start
Of other garlanded pop-art.

(Or fashion them into silhoettes
Of seaweed for fishy themed vignettes --)
As also true with the black glittery tinsel:
Underwater plant-feathers or pencils.
With tinsel I might dress a doll,
Or re-edge a fluffy shawl,
Or fashion garland in shape of a heart,
Or frame a picture – is that art!

Hand-mirror, badly abused;
Reflective surface crazed, confused.
Patch the cracked frame,
Paint it – sure, I’m game!
I envision gluing
Bright beads wooing
Delight; perhaps I’d paint some lines
Or maybe sparkly Valentines,
But I’d let the mirror’s still-shiny parts
Glint through the masque of art.

Styrofoam would-be Christmas-ball-bedecked,
But the cloth is only pinned in place, not wrecked
For styrofoam snowball --always useful –
Or to make a doll’s face sweet and truthful.
Fabric swatches’ jewel tones
Are just so re-arrangement-prone;
Rows of squares, or fans, to start.
I crave many repositioned arts!

And so I thank the God of life
Who lends imagination to my life;
His God-image set in me
Bursts forth in my creativity.
Through my pastimes I make beauty,
And see the awesomeness of God, not duty!

(c) 2011 by Marilee Miller

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  1. Great illustration! We tend to value only the things that have a hefty price tag -- you found pleaseure in the simple things

  2. The possibilities are endless! I love the resourcefulness in these words. When I was a little girl, my mother had a button jar. Anytime we lost a button, she would go to that jar to find a fitting replacement. I loved that jar--the colors and textures mesmerized me.

    Art is everywhere, isn't it? And I still would so love to see the completed project!

    I will try to fix this ling too, friend :). It's still linking up to the prayer yarn post. We'll figure it out :).

  3. "Of seaweed for fishy themed vignettes"

    Those I want to see. :)


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