Monday, April 11, 2011

A Place to Gather Sweet Pink to the Last Drop

A Place to Gather Sweet Pink to the Last Drop


Whole strawberries, from my freezer, will make a tasty fruit choice for my lunch. Eaten when scarcely-thawed, the berries are delightful little popsickles. And when the bag has been emptied----

Here I am, blotting up the strawberry juice
From the inside of a small bag,
Using a paper towel.

The beadlets are small and few-ish; isn’t it foolish
To waste my time
Collecting tiny tidbits of liquid COLOR
From a bag I’m going to throw away?
Perhaps others may see this as against-the-rule-ish!
But my artist’s mind spies hopeful sign.

I’ve drizzled Kool-Aid over damp papers;
Daubed some towels with house paint;
Smeared cranberry puree
Or stewed tomatoes
Or dotted beet juice from bottle rings.
But I don’t have any strawberry tone yet:
A delicately pinkish touch of cool-ish.
Oh, delightsome color!

I hope to use the towels as backgrounds
For some sort of artwork designs.
God the Creator of beauty, thank you
For this opportunity to praise you.
Oh Lord, you really are JEWEL-ish!

copyright 2011 by Marilee Miller
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  1. Oh, how I love the way you play! Isn't this how the ancients made their paints? With natural dies from flowers and vegies and other colorful plants?

    What a way to praise. And now, to see if I can find that elusive other post ;).

  2. What fun - thanks so much for this joyful poem and for the story it tells. Now show us what you do with these rich colors!

  3. Very creative! Good to see a post from you friend!


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