Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The volatile Mid-East

Two Christian news sources I get online say that there are sites on Facebook (in Arabic, so nobody else seems to know about them) that have collected millions of signatures promising to assemble huge demonstrations protesting against Israel as a nation, on May 15. The rest of the media sources seem to totally ignore this issue. And I haven't seen anything saying WHAT is supposed to happen on that day. We only know that a lot of folks claim they want to wipe Israel off the map. And we know how quickly the rebellion rose up in the rest of the mid-East.
The US is vulnerable. If we don't support Israel, we're going against God's promise of the land to the Israelites. "God blesses those who bless Israel." Can we expect to escape the judging of the nations? And if we do support it, we are considered by strong forces as a part of "the great Satan", just as Israel. But who is standing in the gap to intercede? Why are the Christians so silent? Why are so many of us still talking about little things, and proclaiming that we'll carry out all our God-sized dreams (by which they don't mean suffering or tribulation or distress).

David Wilkerson, a prominent evangelist and pastor of Times Square church in NYC -- the founder of Teen Challenge and World Challenge -- who was killed in a car wreck a few days ago -- re-issued a prophecy not long before his death that soon there would be such provocation against Israel that it would (ultimately) bring on Armageddon.
On the one hand, people can say we don't know the time-line. And that's true. But Jesus also said we would see the signs, and should look up "for our redemption draws nigh." At the moment, to me the signs look ominous.

This is a prophecy David has repeated at intervals for almost 30 years. Some of us originally believed it would be much sooner. But later he said he thought that God had been merciful and was giving America and the world more time to repent. But we do know the Mid-East is totally volatile. Many, many of his prophecies have already happened, such as the war in Kuwait, and the earthquake in Japan.
There's such a need to ask God's protection over us (all of us) -- and praying that his perfect will may be done.
Even so, Lord Jesus, come.

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