Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"WHAT IF?" 2

Last week Bonnie Gray ( offered a “What If” challenge. We were supposed to list 5 “what ifs” that we might do to bring changes to our lives. This week we were to elaborate on what happened after we chose one of the 5. Many of the items listed were “activities,” or the hopes of learning to think and act more positively. But some bloggers yearned to know that God really, really does love us – and that we don’t need to worry so much.

Last week, instead of a list of 5 items, I wrote (in near despair) of trying to help a woman whose physical, emotional, and spiritual disabilites, and humungous financial needs, totally engulfed and overwhelmed me. And we’d reached a dead end in resources to help the woman. All my “what ifs” seemed to require enormous, almost-instantaneous miracles from God; but given my past experiences in life, I didn’t know how to expect truly supernatural responses.

I gave my concerns and heavy burden to God – but I was so distraught and heartsick that I kept taking things back. But God in his gracious mercy, opened a quiet way instead of the spectacular options I’d presented to him as necessary. There’s been a lull in my involvement (and best of all, I didn’t have to be the one to orchestrate the “distancing”, as I’d dreaded I would).

I still believe the physically and mentally ill need more attention/ assistance/ support than they get from either the Christian community or from agencies. I still know this woman (and the many others like her) needs supernatural intervention from God. I still believe we need to pray for others, always. And we need to be supported to believe strongly for God’s presence to manifest itself in all our lives. But I’ve been able to get back to the solitude and rest that I require -- something that doesn’t happen when my mind is under pressure from daily confrontation.

The woman’s problems haven’t gone away. My involvement probably hasn’t gone away. But I’m thankful to God that we’re both “still here” in spite of my doomsday thoughts last week.

Bonnie’s transparency, and that of the participants who expressed fears, self-doubts and need-to-be-aware-of-God’s-love, really encouraged me that I’m not as alone or “different” as I felt I might be. I’m so glad there is a Savior of us all. And that JESUS IS LORD is the greatest miracle of them all!


  1. I love those God-given "lulls" in which He speaks to us. And in those still moments we see things change.

  2. Susan's right -- God speaks even in the silence. good post.

  3. Rejoicing with you in your time of rest and restoration and strength for the road ahead.

    He Is, Was and always will Be in control.

  4. Enjoyed reading this. Rest and God will give you the strength to press on.

  5. Rest brings clarity. In the quiet, we hear Him whisper. Grateful that you've been able to have some distance.

  6. I'm smiling to hear that you are encouraged to know that you aren't alone.

    We need, long, and rest in experiencing God love.. and need it new and fresh. Every day. Every week.

    No matter what the what-ifs are or aren't.

    Nothing else matters.

    May God give you rest and strength for the journey.

    So glad you are a part of today's jam session!

  7. So glad to hear you're encouraged and know that you're not alone..praying for you!


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