Sunday, April 18, 2010

WOW! or, The Vet Admires My Cat

WOW! Or, The Vet Admires My Cat

The vet’s assistant reached for the cat carrier in my car.
“She’s big,” I warned.
Meaning, expect the cage to be heavy.
“Yes, I can tell,” said the lady, lifting the box.

The vet, examining her, called her, lovingly, “Big Girl.”
(I found out my cat weighs 15 pounds!
I knew she was heavy, but had never known exactly how much.)
The vet, to me: “I’ll bet you don’t allow her to sit on your stomach!”
(No, I don’t! But this cat doesn’t like to be picked up, anyway.)

The vet and her helper exchanged comments:
“She’s so white, so very white.”
(I had a white cat before her. Yes, he was white,
But would almost be a pale-grayed white compared with this cat.
When he shed hair on the carpet, I hardly noticed it.
When she sheds, the strands stand out luminously.)

The vet and the attendant inspected her belly.
“WOW!” They chirped in unison;
Admiring, almost reverent tones.
What did their exclamations mean?
Because her hair grows prolific even there,
In a place where some cats have sparse fur?
Or, it was so clean and white?
(She is so good at grooming herself to whiteness.)
Or, that it had no scraggly patches of unhealth?
I don’t know why their “wow!”

But after my cat had been sick the day before,
And now given a clean bill of health,
I have a great new appreciation. What if I’d lost her?
Thank goodness, she’s all right.
No more half-taking-her-for-granted.

God designed the cat. He created so many intricate, lovely things.
My cat is his workmanship, wonderfully made.
But God also created ME!
I am his workmanship, beautifully made.
Is it possible that the Lord has brought me far enough along
This pathway with Him, that others might see
The imagination of God shining from within?
Not because I’ve done something valuable in my own self,
But because I trust He is fashioning me to be
Exactly who he wants me to be?

© 2010 by Marilee Miller

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