Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Place of Sight

There isn’t a picture to go with this post. Because –
David, over at Red Letter Believers, asks, “If my sight were gone, what would I miss?”

Pictures, that’s what I would miss. That’s what you would miss.

If you could access this blog at all, you wouldn’t be able to read it yourself. A speech reader would recite it in its droning voice. There would be no chance to experience the soul/mind/heart-comfort of curling up with a good book. The scenes that “move” others would be a mystery or a jumble, rather than a glimpse of majesty or contentment.

I am stirred by the sight of –
Incredible sunsets, sunrises, mountains, valleys, plants and flowers and trees, rivers and creeks and ponds and seas, birds, animals, people. The sun, the moon, the stars. The ground beneath my feet. At the sight of these things, gratitude wells up in my heart. I “feel better” for having seen them. I’m drawn to my Creator and Maker, God, who has made the universe, the Earth, humankind –
And ME!

More pictures I would miss –
Artworks of every sort, fashioned in actuality after being conceived as pictures in the mind.
Blessed houses, unusual (or at least, solid) architecture, street signs to tell me where to go; murals on walls, the many ornaments which decorate my life, my home.
The trusting glow of my cat’s eyes meeting mine squarely when I speak to her.
The wondrous smiles of delighted children. The tender looks of friends or family.
Body language that tells how a person really sees me, though speech may be couched differently.
The texture and color of food.
The beat of butterfly wings; puffy white contrails from jets overhead; the way colors come together to add zest to our days.
The expressions and gestures of people who minister life and blessing to me/us in visible and invisible ways.

I hope, though, that it’s true, what they say –
That with the loss of one of our senses, the others become more highly developed.

Also, I hope the images cast on the screen of my inner mind would not distort from my forgetting how to see.

The one thing that I would ask not to lose sight of –
Is my friendship with God.
Sighted or sightless, I would want to become ever more dependent on him;
Ever more like a trusting child,
Ever more receiving his insights to guide my life and thoughts,
Ever more basking in the realization of his great unconditional love,
Ever more praising him with gratitude for the life he has given me.
His life dwells within me --
For he says he created me in the image of God.
And by his indwelling, blinded or seeing,
I shall live and walk in his light!

Copyright 2010 by Marilee Miller

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