Monday, May 28, 2012




Color of glory,
Magnificent color,
Beauty gathered.
Not only whole-bloom wonder,
Glory-purple in every close-up
Snapshot that I take on iris-bloom-day.
Veiny velvet petals,
Crinkles and wrinkles.
Dimples and joy-samples,
Hard edges and softened lines.

Color of God-glory,
Magnificent Lord.
Everywhere, his beauty is slathered.
God has made the iris, to my wonder.
How can I but worship him
Who created drapes and crepes
To limn my hardish edges and softened lines
Until I, like the iris,
Become an example
Of God’s glorious designs.


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Monday, May 21, 2012

Camera-Shake, Life-Shake


Camera-Shake, Life-Shake

Why would I take a picture of a dead patch in an evergreen shrub?  Oh, because hidden within the snaky, swirly ugly lines of dead, are designs with a capital D. 

On the other hand, other designs may emerge (instead of a “mess”) if my camera gets shaken.

Life has its lush evergreen shades, but also its (seemingly) dead patches.  And sometimes, I feel the wringing of a life-shake.  Oh, the days when it seems to me I’m just a mess!  Will anything at all go right, ever again?

My hopes die.  My plans get thoroughly shaken.  Today looks bleak, and thoughts of tomorrow scare me.  Maybe I’m in despair, or at least deeply disappointed.

I’m so grateful that God is still the Very God of the Universe.  Each day and each hour, I get to ask – yea, compel! -- myself to choose that his will is quietly working within me.  His promises are true.  His Word is true.  So in the long run, he will bring forth intriguing, creative beautiful designs in me.  (He says he will give me hope and a future with him!)

“For which cause we faint not…   For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding weight of glory”  (II Cor. 4:16, 17)

This post is also shared with "Seedlings in Stone"  and "Playdates with God"

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Monday, May 14, 2012

God Has Designs on Me


God Has Designs on Me

CD disks are shiny silver.  Reflective of the light or atmosphere around them.  Most people simply throw them away when they’re no longer needed for their computer data.  However, surely something so beautiful cries out to be used in some way – perhaps gathered into an art-design.   Bottlecaps are ubiquitous, but more than that – they are fashioned wonderfully.   Often made from inexpensive materials.  Many are tossed out after being used to protect the contents inside bottles or jars.  But their roundness, and sometimes ridgy modeled edges, may also contribute to the elements for design.

God sees the shiny silver places in us, even at times when we don’t think we have – or ARE – anything of lasting value.  He knows that we, capable of reflecting his light, can remain both useful and beautiful.  He sees the circling parts of us that we disdain as not being worth much.   And then declares that we are “Accepted in the Beloved”, and “Adopted into God’s own family.”

The Lord may also re-color my habits, and traits until they’re most pleasing to him.  Or maybe he’ll emphasize certain lines or character to bring out a whole new aspect of my life‘s design.

How incredible it seems, that the high God who created the spectacular universe also sees me, in Christ, as beautiful, wonderful.  If I turn to him and trust his Word, he says he’s given me his robe of righteousness.  He “joys over me with singing.”  “We are gifts of God that he delights in.”

I’m so thankful that God Has Designs on Me!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Face of Beauty



A face of beauty,
Gentle doll head,
Softened features,
Smooth and refined.
Elegant face,
With lips sweetly defined.

I’ve draped her
With exotic fabric:
Elegant scarf sublime.
Ah, to think this doll,
With head of sweet beauty,
Is mine, all mine!

The invisible God,
Mighty, but whom we can’t see,
Has made a face of visible beauty
Extending all over our Earth.
Oh, hasn’t he been kind?
And he created humans
To sweetly create
Elegances to touch our mind.

Thank you Lord, for a doll
With a face of beauty, and
For my own sweetly softened features
When I contemplate this little elegance, prime.
My heart swells: I appreciate
The God who invented us all,
And made us co-creators of beauty.
“Surely the presence of God is in this place.”
And I’m washed clean in worship of him, the Divine.

( c) 2012 by Marilee Miller

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“Seedlings in Stone" and Laura Boggess’
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