Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bright and Wonderful Things


Bright and Wonderful Things

Oh bright and wonderful Creator, God,
You have fashioned so many bright and wonderful things
For all to enjoy.

Thank you for creating
A bright and wonderful universe
With myriad starry treasures.
We applaud your making
Our bright and wonderful Planet Earth --
Just brimming with sights and pleasures.
Praise you for the ground that’s tilled,
And waterways with glory spilled,
And bright and wonderful animals
For all to enjoy.

Thank you for thinking
To send bright and wonderful angelfish
To splish and plash in the tropical sea.
You also gave your human beings
The bright and wonderful gift of creativity:
We carry out, through art, and life, a nativity
For all to enjoy.

For all bright and wonderful things,
(And the special gifting us with Yourself),
We thank you, Creator God!


A while back, I posted on this blog my “sea” backgrounds for artworks, of aqua house paint on cardboard, over which was drizzled indigo batik dye powder. Later on, I showed my line drawings of angelfish that were to be placed against the backgrounds.
And now, here they are – 1. the painted (tempera) angelfish, which were then cut out. And 2. The finished collages of bright and wonderful fish pasted onto the “sea”.

art and text copyright 2011 by Marilee Miller
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  1. I love your little fishies! Whenever I stop by here, I feel young again. You have a way of making me see creative possibility in everything. That is such a gift.

  2. Oh the fish!! I love the fishies too. :)


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