Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Face of Beauty



A face of beauty,
Gentle doll head,
Softened features,
Smooth and refined.
Elegant face,
With lips sweetly defined.

I’ve draped her
With exotic fabric:
Elegant scarf sublime.
Ah, to think this doll,
With head of sweet beauty,
Is mine, all mine!

The invisible God,
Mighty, but whom we can’t see,
Has made a face of visible beauty
Extending all over our Earth.
Oh, hasn’t he been kind?
And he created humans
To sweetly create
Elegances to touch our mind.

Thank you Lord, for a doll
With a face of beauty, and
For my own sweetly softened features
When I contemplate this little elegance, prime.
My heart swells: I appreciate
The God who invented us all,
And made us co-creators of beauty.
“Surely the presence of God is in this place.”
And I’m washed clean in worship of him, the Divine.

( c) 2012 by Marilee Miller

This post is also shared with L.L. Barkat’s
“Seedlings in Stone" and Laura Boggess’
“Playdates with God."

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  1. love this line: "And I’m washed clean in worship of him, the Divine." So grateful for how He washes us clean...Thanks for sharing :)


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