Monday, September 3, 2012

God Made "Spanish Lace"


Spanish lace is a plant (epiphyte) which drapes itself over trees, but takes its nourishment from the air and raindrops.

God Made Spanish Lace

God, Our Heavenly Father,
Thank you for revealing to us many of your treasures.
I thrill to your mightiness,
As I’m caught and held close by your holiness,
And stand in awe of your Incredible Love.

In a strange touch of whimsy,
God made “Spanish lace” –
and also created ME to admire his dwelling place.

Jesus, my beautiful Lord,
Praise you for satisfying my deep need for a Savior.
I’m glad you will come
To brush my needful heart with your welcome;
I’m so amazed by your  Indelible Love.

Your touch of tender mercy
 Brings healing, your intricacy
Weaves my inner parts like “Spanish lace”,
and fashions ME to receive beauty and grace.

Holy Spirit, go-between and advocate,
How could it be that you delight in me in pleasure?
I revel in your sustaining
Power, for by your hand you’re maintaining:
I adore you for your Indescribable Love.

You have given me your fullness:
The God who made “Spanish lace” –
also brings ME to inhabit his resting-place.
(c) 2012 by Marilee Miller

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  1. Such a beautiful prayer, Marilee. A strange touch of whimsy indeed (that made me smile :)). Your Spanish Lace samples are lovely. I love seeing it hang from the trees--it gives such a feel of slowing, don't you think? I have always heard it called "Spanish Moss". Are they the same? Lovely.

  2. It really is interesting to think about the details God created in our world. I've always found Spanish lace interesting too. Thanks for sharing your poem. Gail (

  3. Thank you, Marilee, for sharing your prayer, and your heart to see, and delight in Spanish Lace...and how He created you with such care and love. Blessings :)

  4. Wow, I had never before heard of Spanish Lace. What a special plant! Thank you for sharing about it.


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