Tuesday, January 8, 2013

God's Mysterious Ways



I’ve been seriously ill, which does remind me, once again, of our human fragility.  We’re all only a breath away from physical extinction at any time.  But some of us receive reminders to RECOGNIZE this fact – which is good, since we don’t take our bodies and life-courses for granted.

I’m struggling at the moment with the apparent (or at least possible) death of some of my fondest dreams.  My ideas and imaginations for ways of glorifying God and serving him – which I had perceived as being in line with his will for my life -- now seem mildewed and far-removed. 

How does one who has identified herself chiefly as a prayer warrior, function when her mind is often too foggy to pray?  If  I’m not going to be able to be an artist-creator-producer, who AM I going to be?  How do I juggle the paradox of wanting (sometimes) to do something with other times not caring if I just stare at the ceiling and declare that most of the so-called real ambitions of most people’s lives, simply do not matter to me?  How do I get back to the point of not crying out to the Lord – “Am I really still God’s child?”

God’s ways are not our ways.  His plans aren’t our plans.  He is the Sovereign God of all the universe.  Shall the clay say to the master-potter, “Why would you mark out this path for me?”  “What are you teaching me that I don’t understand yet?”

Right now, I don’t really have it in me to “trust in God,” if that means feelings, or mental assent on my part.  However, I can choose to say I will look forward to what he’s doing in me, even though I’m baffled by God’s mysterious ways.

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  1. At times such ad you are in right now, you need others to carry you- as in the famous footprints story.
    Just BE.
    God is the one who is and who will always be working strongly on your behalf, because He adores you:)
    Have you got people who pray for you?
    If not, email me at mgemmill@xtra.co.nz and I will pray for you from New Zealand- there is no distance in God.
    Trust HIM to do all the work, while you REST until you are strong enough to receive His plans and purposes for your life.
    In all things He promises to turn all for our GOOD, which doesn't always mean taking away the problem/pain/issue- but growing us through it/because of it/in it.
    Hang in there special and beautiful kingfisher.

  2. Mary gives you good words. I have been praying, Marilee. Carrying you.

  3. Dear Marilee,
    Agreeing with Mary and Laura...Praying for you right now...You give Him praise with simply your desire for Him in your words, dear one.

  4. Thankful for the perspective that God has given you. Your testimony strengthens my faith. Praying for you! {{HUGS}}


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