Monday, May 6, 2013

Stirring, Sterling



Is a spoon just a handy kitchen tool,
A stirring stick,
Or a utensil to eat with?

Well, yes, but ah, much more.
It can stir up great concoctions
With delightful tastes
To tantalize the tongue.
Its appearance can seem bit like sterling silver
(even if only forged of stainless steel).

 A clean spoon left after a meal
Might just look like part of the clutter
Left behind on a table. 
But oh, if the light is just right,
If this sometimes mundane object is glimpsed by an artist –
Maybe made part of some re-arrangement --
 Then textures, patterns, designs emerge,
Gloriously pleasing to the eye.

May I be a stirring stick in God’s hands.
Not mundane, but beauty directed by him.
May I feed others his bounty-feast.

My patterns and textures and designs shine out
When the Lord takes this spoon in hand.
Oh, what is he stirring with me,
To beautify his world,
To comfort, cheer, or show others who he is?
God values me!  He says he sees the Christ in me!
May the durable but ordinary steel in me
Be as precious as sterling silver –
Not because of anything I do, but because
He has already given his complete self to me.

(c) 2013 by Marilee Miller

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  1. It's so good to read your words, my friend! I hope you are well and have been keeping you in prayer. I love this playful turn on the common spoon and especially this:

    Oh, what is He stirring in me
    to beautify his world...

    You sure do, Marilee. Beautify. You sure do. He stirs up your beauty and gives it to us.


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