Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Mural 10-4-10

In a leisurely business district of a quite small town, there’s a place where one can walk in the present day
while keeping company with the past. For on the large wall of a vintage building, a historical mural depicts the main street of this town a century ago. The painting, created in 1995, is a composite of early-day storefronts inspired by several actual old photos, peopled with period-piece figures, with a few extra touches added by artist Lee Wilder Snider. Snider created a sense of deep perspective on a flat building, and merged the painted corner buildings to intersect with the present-standing building fronts on a real street at right angles to the mural wall. A very intriguing and well-done artwork!

Where I’m standing to take the photos, sometimes I have to wait for a car to pass by on the street. Occasionally a car obliterates the mural view as it drives into my picture while I’m snapping the shutter.

There’s a smattering of pedestrian traffic, as well. People on their way to a shop, or the post office, or returning to their cars in a parking lot. Among those who mosey by, are two elderly men (at individual times). At sight of me taking pictures of the mural, each one comments to me: “Isn’t that the most beautiful painting you ever saw?” (They don’t even know they’ve repeated the same words. And I, why I bask in the fact that my camera makes a conversational door; other people would normally just pass me by, their thoughts sealed in their own worlds.) And I rejoice, also, to know that the mural “speaks” to others as deeply as it speaks to me. It’s a part of the town pride and joy!

May I let this mural, created to satisfy an artistic instinct -- and to bring others pleasure and a sense of belonging -- remind me of God’s joy in his people. May my photographic fulfillment, and my momentary encounter of community through the comments of others, motivate me to accept that He has created us with intricacies and special touches to give us a perspective to raise our hearts to him, and to touch others’ lives with blessings. The Bible says “the Lord’s portion is his people.” And that we, his people, are “gifts of God that he delights in.” We, as persons, and our accomplishments done “as unto the Lord” (even if not everyone knows they’re working for such reasons!), are a lively and inspiring work-in-progress.

Am I able to picture myself as one small part of God’s great, unified mural? How may I share that vision with others to bring them news of His good pleasure?

artist Lee Wilder Snider 1995
photos Marilee Miller 2010
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This posting is inspired by L. L. Barkat's invitational, "On, in and Around Mondays."



  1. That is just so amazing. I found myself doing double takes at the photos. What would it be like in real life?

  2. I loved this phrase...

    there’s a place where one can walk in the present day while keeping company with the past. The best places seem to draw that invisible line between time gone and time now.


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