Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Sculpted Wire Word

Blogger Brianne Phillips has found a unique way to worship God with words. However, the kind of words I’m talking about, are not written on paper, or posted on a blog – though she’s talented at those pursuits, as well.  Rather, they are handmade wire “sculptures”, each one spelling out a special word.

A number of bloggers have chosen a “word for the year” to help guide them in their life and spiritual walk.  Brianne’s word is “freedom”.  She craves the freedom to be “her own self,” not trying to pattern herself the way someone else thinks she should be.  She wants the freedom to pursue God enthusiastically without buying in, any longer, to the lies that she might not be “good enough”, “capable enough.”  To remind herself that she’s trying to learn how to be free, she sculpted in script lettering, her word, freedom.  She can see her wire word every day.  She’s also made wire sculptures of the various words chosen by several other bloggers.

Brianne asked me about my “word for the year”.  I said I didn’t think I’d really chosen a word for the year, but that if I had one at all, it would be “resting.”

My body isn’t at all strong.  I require more “alone” time than the average person.  Oh, how I need my physical rest.
I don’t want to be tempted to linger overlong on the internet, because I need my mind-rest.
There’s sometimes the “learned” guilt of thinking I should do more, think more deeply, have achievements to show for my having lived, in order to “be a good workman approved of the Lord” – but this sort of push can sap my intellectual rest.
The daily chores and “interruptions”, the attempts to meet self-imposed schedules, build up pressure until I need to give my emotions a rest.
The demands of other Christians that I “measure up” to their expectations of who God would want me to be, can only be outlived and outloved within His rest.
And I want, crave, and delight in lots of quiet spaces with God – times when I’m not DOING, but simply being.  He alone is my spiritual rest.
After ingesting glaring news headlines and realizing much of the world is sinking or in flames…  REST in the God who is in final control.
From the fears and doubts and lies that try to wash away  my value as His “beloved”…  REST in my
Saviour, the Messiah, Jesus Christ.
From the unexpected events that demand more strength than I can muster, and thus am left breathless and  
reeling … REST in the Lord who alone sustains me.
From the yen to fulfill the desires of my heart, which I believe God has placed in me, but which drive me to produce more art, or writings, or some expression of creativity than I’m really well enough to practice  … REST, simply seeing beautiful things in my imagination but not actually doing the “work”, allows me to simply bask in the Holy Spirit’s own vastly more beautiful, powerful creativity.

Brianne’s wire word sculpture arrived in my mailbox.  I hung it where I can see it while I’m preparing a meal, or sitting to eat at my table.  I appreciated her caring enough about me to make me my special word.  But I didn’t realize, at first, just how powerful a reminder a simple word could be. 

Now, when the pressure builds inside me, and I find myself frowning (or maybe even ready to grumble), my eye falls on that word on my wall.  RESTING.  And I sort of do a double take.  (Even though I’ve already done the same thing a number of times before.)  I take a deep breath.  An almost involuntary, restorative smile breaks forth. 

“Oh, that’s right.  I’m resting!”

Trusting in God to provide for me.  Agreeing that “he is able to keep me from falling and present me faultless before the presence of his glory.” I’ve already given everything I am, to Him.  And he’s already accepted my sacrifice of praise.” 

And some of the tension in my muscles laughingly drains away.  He’s already taken care of my rest.  I don’t need to keep on the go.  I’m not a machine that must produce!  I can just relax and enjoy that he’s promised he’ll always hold my hand, and never leave or forsake me.

RESTING: What a beautiful, endearing, restful, releasing word!  
RESTING: What a wonderful, enduring, full of zest, all-increasing God is our Lord!

Thanks, Brianne, for my sculpted wire word. 


Leave a comment on Brianne’s blog – This Is My Offering – any time this week, and tell her your own word.  If you are chosen the winner of her giveaway, she will sculpt and mail you YOUR OWN wire word.

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  1. This post is so lovely and full of beauty, about why are are "resting", and I thank you for sharing all of this!

  2. I can really relate to your post! I too have a body and a mind that don't move too fast and require rest. It's good to know I'm not alone! Visiting from The Wellspring.

  3. I love Brianne's sculpture! What a wonderful way to express oneself and make art all at once. And your words here give me some rest too, M. It is so easy to get caught up in that trap of "more". Simple moments with God are my delight also. I just need to be more deliberate about putting Him first.


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