Friday, September 30, 2011

Ordinary but not taken for granted


A very small patch of sidewalk. So ordinary.

One might walk it every day and not see anything special about it. But closer inspection shows individually unique patterns in the gravel.

Evergreen needles, dead, turned brown. So ordinary.
One might not even notice them at all.
But a closer look shows tinges of red, and an artful scattering.

Tiny bit of lichen, wind-blown off its mooring where it once resided on a tree. So ordinary.
One could tromp it underfoot and never think of it again.
But close-up, see how beautiful the scrolly lines, the great and noble patterns and designs.

And then there's me! So ordinary.
Do others see me at all? Or care who I am or want to be?
Do they ever take a closer look and see the artful patterns within me?
(Do I look inside to find my beauty of unique individuality?)

God sees. He's not ordinary. He's a unique Creator who specializes in the ordinary made extra-ordinary.
He sees the patterns of his Creation, knows them intimately.
He sees the scrolls and designs and all the rest, including nobility!
How noble is ordinary -- he made all things, and he takes none of them for granted!

Thank you, Lord, for giving your children eyes to see the every facet of ordinary. May we not take you, or nature, or man-made fabrications, for granted. We bless you, for your holy creativity.

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