Monday, September 5, 2011

How I Worship

How I Worship

There are so many people out there
Who are crying.
Or who are sighing.
Or maybe they are dying.

And I should be out there
On the front lines,
Showing that Jesus shines,
Guarding land mines.

Oh, I’m unable to be out there
Weeping with the crying,
Sighing with the sighing,
Breathing life into the dying.

But my prayers can be out there!
My tears I assign,
And I worship God Divine,
Showing Him just this one sign:

I can be creative, right here!
Offer myself up to Him!

I can paint ladybugs
from pistachio nut shells
while glorying in Him;

And arrange pressed
nasturtium vines
while praising Him.

And make a bright sun
While proclaiming Him.
Such is my humble offering
While remembering Him.

He is Lord of both here, and there.
His providence is bountiful,
His mighty strength is wonderful.
He acts, ‘till the times are full’.
Our God is still in control!

Creating a small, simplistic artwork seems such a trivial thing to do to help usher in his kingdom. But in the making of it, I’ve offered Him the very best of me that I know how to give. If this is my appointed work for today, then he will honor it. ‘Lord, bless all the people today. I’m unable to “do”, or “go”,. So please send your own dear Self to all who need a blessing. (And who needs you most? Why, every person everywhere!)’

“Present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable in God’s sight.”
(Romans 12:1)

copyright 2011 by Marilee Miller
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  1. well the act of worship is working with God..
    so when you are inspired and working with God...
    you worship.
    you are obedient.

  2. Pistachio shells? I was wondering...You know I love the way you pray. And now I know I love the way you pray. Too often I offer prayer as a "last resort"..."all we can do is pray". THE best and most powerful thing we can do is pray!

    Beautiful artwork! I love it.

  3. Wonderful poem and wonderful thoughts! Wonderful and blessed thing, to be praise and be used by God! Loved this!


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