Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer-Dry, Still Beautiful


A bit of broken curb in a parking strip. A swath of dried out grassy lawn. A sere but curious tuft of grass. So ordinary. Things almost dead. But still beautiful. The coloration, the inspired lines waving outward. This mini-scene could be ignored completely by a walker passing by. But how delicate the lines and planes. How intriguing the difference in textures. The scene is summer-dry, but beauty is there for the taking. I drink in to my soul the refreshment God has provided in this small cranny.

Soon the rains will come. The curb will color darker with the wet. The grassy lawn will take new heart and life; the dead will fall away and new green flash forth. All will shine with clean lines.

May you, and I, shine with clean lines as God rains his presence, His Spirit, on us. As we "behold the beauty of the Lord, [our] light and our salvation", may we realize how much we are blessed. Our many textures, and seasonal colorations, are admired by Him.

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